Good food
for all.

Can you help us give the gift of light this Christmas? Electric top-ups provide a cosy and dignified Christmas for our members. 

We'll never forget the time we first realised people were turning down chilled food because they couldn't afford to keep their fridge running. That was at the start of this cost of living scandal, since then the expense of living has only gotten greater. 

So we're giving our members an electric top-up to keep their lights on this Christmas, and their food chilled and cooked however they'd like it. 

A donation of £40 helps a household keep the lights on and a cupboard full of good food. If you'd like to support your neighbours in this way, you can use the link below. We're so grateful for any amount you can give, we couldn't do this without you all. 

Let's keep entwining for our collective survival. 


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